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How to join Indian Navy ? What to do in navy? What is needed to join Indian Navy?

How to join Indian Navy : Hello friends Welcome to Career Focuss. We have brought you some interesting and a post related to your career today. How to Join Indian Navy In this post you will find full information about what to do to go to Navy.

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We hope that you will feel good about our today's Post Water Force because in this post we will tell you in simple language that the Indian armies were divided into three major armies, one of which is Navy.

If you also want to know how to prepare for the Navy, then carefully read our post carefully from start to finish, there will be many people who do not have information about recruitment in the Indian Navy so this post is for you and your life Can prove to be right.
Navy is a very important service of the Indian Army that protects India from watershed and sea invaders. Navy is the fifth largest Navy in India. If you also want to be admitted to the Navy, then you can read the information of our Post Navy. Can know.

The government of every country is responsible for protecting its country, the supreme command of India's armed forces is with the President of India and the responsibility of protecting the nation lies with the cabinet.

This mandal is called the Defense Mandal and these cabinets provide some responsibility and policy framework for the maintenance of the country in terms of defense of all the armed forces and their obligation, the Indian Army has been divided into three commandos such as Army, Air Army and Water Force (Navy)

Indian Navy information

Although Indian Navy offers a very attractive career opportunity for Indian Navy, it is not easy to go to the Indian Navy because for this you will have to clear the written exam for Navy and after this you are called for an interview, the candidates in the Navy The selection is done by Upsc.

Getting a job in the Navy is not that easy, but it is not so difficult for you to work harder, Indian Navy removes vacancy for candidates every year.

So friends of us have just known that in the information of the Indian Navy, we will now tell you about preparations for the Navy next to what you should do to go to Navy.

How can I join the Navy?, How can I join Indian Navy after 12?, What is the eligibility to join Indian Navy?, How can I join Indian Navy after 10th?, how to join indian navy after graduation, About Indian Navy, Father of Indian Navy,

What to do in navy

For going to Navy Navy, first of all you must be 12th pass if you have studied well in 12th, you will not have much difficulty in preparing Navy. The pattern of the exam is based on 12V.

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To go to this service, you will have to go through written examination, physical fitness, and medical. In the written examination, you will be asked Maths, General Knowledge, English, Science and Reasoning and you will be given one hour time.

What is required for Indian NAVY

To be admitted to the Indian Navy, you must have 12th pass which requires 50% marks in English and Physics, 70-70% marks in Chemistry. Only those candidates can apply for Navy who were born on July 2, 1999 and 1 It happened in mid-January 2002.

  • Candidate for Navy is a citizen of India
  • Height: Height 157 centimeters for men and height 152 centimeters for women.
  • Eyesight (person's ability to see) - 6/6
  • Chest (chest) should be minimum 5 centimeters Exmple- If your chest width is 75 centimeters then the minimum length should be 80 centimeters.
  • The applicant should have no bones related to the disease.
  • Applicants should be fit physically and mentally.
  • The applicant's Qualification depends on the post.
  • Applicant's age limit also depends on the post.

Friends, how do we join Indian Navy and how do we qualify to join the Navy? Now many of us will be people who probably do not know who is called Father Of Indian Navy, so let's know about.

Father Of Indian Navy

Friends, maybe you do not know that Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is called "Father of Indian Navy" before Shivaji, before Maratha rule in 1674, Shivaji was credited with strengthening the foundations of Navy. .

Shivaji established a strong Navy for the protection of the sea in Konkan and Goa, Shivaji wanted to save this part from British, Portuguese and pirates, so he had prepared the ship to fight in Bhiwandi, Kalyan and Panvel.

According to Mallharaw Holkar, the secretary of Shivaji, Shivaji had 400 to 500 ships. Today's modern Navy is considered as part of the same Navy which Marathao had founded and then it was extended by Shivaji, hence Shivaji was given the title of "Father of Indian Navy ".

So friends were our how to join the Indian Navy today's post in which we told you the information about the Indian Navy's information in simple language. We hope you have really liked our post.

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