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Independence day Essay :: 15 August

Independence day speech in english,  India's independence day

Independence day Essay : 15 August

15 August is celebrated as the Independence day of India. Here we provide a sample Independence Day Essay in English or Independence Day Speech in English Article. 

Independence day speech in English

The Independence Day is celebrated every year on August 15. On August 15, 1947, India saw the new wave of independence by breaking the holdings of the English colony. This golden day came after a sustained struggle for nearly a hundred years. After this, there was a change in the country's image and the beginning of the reform process. Independent India is now looking lonely to stand in the line of developed countries of the world.

Short Essay on India's Independence Day

All Indians celebrate this festival of independence in various way. This festival is also celebrated by Govt. The current Prime Minister hoisted the flag on the Red Fort on this day. After that parade by Indian forces to make special festivals, presentation of the floats of different states, and with the tune of the national anthem, the entire atmosphere is filled with patriotism. Some people await the Prime Minister's speech after getting ready early in the morning. Predisposed by Indian independence record, some community watch nationalistic movies on August 15 and share in social plans.
Independence day speech in english,  India's independence day

The Red Fort and its entire enclosure appear particularly ready for decoration and celebration. At 7:30 p.m, the Prime Minister of the country comes here and hovers the flag. The tune of Jan-Gan-Man jumps. Then the Prime Minister addresses the nation. This program is done directly on radio and television. Prime Minister counts the achievements of his government They tell about the upcoming programs of the government. The prime minister trimmings his words by saying 'Jai Hind' three times. Then this ceremony ends.

15 August India's independence day

Similar ceremonies are also in different state capitals. The state's Chief Minister inspects the parade and hoisted the Tricolor flag. Then they address the people of the state. They also declare welfare programs for their people. In district headquarters, the district flag clerk hoists and gives speeches. There are programs for flag hoisting and national anthem at schools, colleges, government offices and all major places. School children participate in these programs very enthusiastically. They fly colorful balloons and hoist the tricolor flag in their hands.
On the day of Independence, people skulk in the sky and express their grief by flying balloons. Leaders take part in various cultural events. The crowd participates in these programs enthusiastically. Government launches welfare programs for the public People congratulate each other on Independence Day. In children, sweets, taffies and fruits are distributed. At night, special lighting is done in the government buildings of the capital. Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House and other buildings get awake with lightning shimmering lights.

Independence day speech in english,  India's independence day

On the 15th of August, it is a day to remember the martyrs who sacrificed their life for the sake of the country's independence. Hundreds were hanged on the hangar and hundreds of black water punished. Thousands of Britishers were brutalized and they were victims of their sticks and bullets. Millions of people laughed at the jail magazines. In the mass movement led by Gandhiji, the people of the country took part in the movement. People have sacrificed their own personal pleasures. There was a long struggle for independence. The British movement was crooked, they made two parts of the country. A new nation named Pakistan emerged. Independent India had to face many new challenges. Today, the biggest challenge for freedom is religious obsession and terrorism. We can solve this problem by staying united.

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