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General Knowledge 2018: Series- 1 (Assam GK)

GK Questions, General Knowledge 2018 India, General Knowledge of Assam, GK questions and answers

General Knowledge 2018: Series- 1 (Assam GK)

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Here is some GK Questions Answers (General Knowledge 2018 Quiz)

1- Gibon wildife sanctry is situated at:
Ans- Jorhat

2- The Guwahati tea sell off focus was set up in the year?
Ans- 1970

3- In Which year, National recreations was head in Assam?
Ans- 2007

4- Which Town is the Manchester of Assam?
Ans- Sualkuchi

5- Where is The Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited Industry?
Ans- Lepetkata

6- Greatest dry Fish Market of Asia?
Ans- Jagirod

7- Guwahati University was developed in the year?
Ans- 1948

8- First  Voice-chancellor of Guwahati University?
Ans- Krishna Kanta Handique

9- Total Number of Parlimenatry Constituency in Assam?
Ans- 14

10-Lakshaminath Bezbaroa is regarded with 'Rasaraj' by Assam Sabha in the year?
Ans- 1931

11- Namghosa was composed by:
Ans- Madhabdev

12- "Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai" won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in the year?
Ans- 1988

13- The Film "Halodhia Choraye Baodhan Khai" was coordinated by:
Ans- Jahnu Barua

14- How much percent of the Indian Landmass is secured by the State of Assam?
Ans- 2.39%

15- Which dialect is utilized by Sankerdev to composed Borgeets:
Ans- Brajavali

16- When the uprising of Patharughat occurred:
Ans- 1894

General Knowledge India, General Knowledge of Assam, GK questions and answers

17- The Literacy rate of Assam as indicated by 2011 registration is:
Ans- 72.19%

18- Who was the President of the Swaraj Party in Assam amid flexibility development:
Ans- Tarun Ram Phookan

19- The earthenware business is situated in:
Ans- Dhubri

20- The Ahom Kingdom was set up in the year?
Ans- 1228

21- The shiv dol was built amid the rule of:
Ans- Siba Singa

22- Sadiya Khowa Gohain a:
Ans- Frontier Officer

23- Panidihing Bird Sanctuary is situated in which region?
Ans- Sibsagar

24- The Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) Regulation was declared in exercise of the powers?
Ans- 1960
GK Questions, General Knowledge 2018 India, General Knowledge of Assam, GK questions and answers

25- Prachya Sasanavali was altered by?
Ans-Dr.Maheswar Neog

26- The lord nickednamed as Bhagaraja seemed to be-
Ans- Surampha

27- During Freedom Struggle, the "Mrityu Bahini" was framed by-
Ans- Pushpalata

28- "Rang Ghar" was built amid the rule of:
Ans- Pramatta Singha

29- When was Assam Provincial Commitee framed
Ans- 1921

30- The creator of "Asomiya Sahityar" is-
Ans- Devendranath Bezbarua

31- Is Assam arranged on the … .district of India?
Ans–  North-Eastern

32- The state Assam imparts worldwide fringes to … and … .nations.
Ans- Bhutan, Bangladesh

33- __________.regularly alluded as "Passage of North Eastern Region" of the nation?
Ans- Guwahati

34- Which are two World Heritage Sites in Assam?
Ans- Kaziranga, Manas

35- __________waterway streams in Assam.
Ans- Bramhaputra

36- Oil India Company Ltd has its plant and central station at… … the state.
Ans- Duliajan

37- At the point when was viciousness in the state broke out with riots between indigenous Bodos and Bengali Muslim?
Ans- July 2012

38- The … .. is a vital celebration of Assam.
Ans- Rongali Bihu

39- ___________is the society move of Assam.

40- __________is a noteworthy collect celebration of the Dimasa individuals.

41- Which is the prevalent occasional celebration of the Bodos?
Ans- Bwisagu

42- Who is the central service of Assam?
Ans- Sarbandnda Sonowal

43. At the point when was the state set up?
Ans- 1912

General Knowledge 2018

44- Who is the legislative head of the Assam?
Ans- J.B Patnaik

45- Which is the Largest city of the State?
Ans- Guwahati

46- Which state is toward the north of Assam?
Ans: Arunachal Pradesh

47- Which nation is toward the west of Assam?
Ans: Bangladesh

48- At the point when did the British add Assam?
Ans: 1826

49- Which region was isolated from Assam and given to Pakistan in 1947?
Ans: Sylhet

50. Which state was isolated from Assam in 1963?
Ans: Nagaland

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GK Questions, General Knowledge 2018 India, General Knowledge of Assam, GK questions and answers